The Boykin Spaniel

by Millie Latimer

  The Boykin Spaniel has been around since the early 1920's. What started to be an exceptional turkey dog along the swamplands of the Wateree River in South Carolina soon found its way to be a versatile  hunting companion for the duck, dove  and upland hunter. The Boykin Spaniel could ultimately be the dog of the 21st century.

It's compact size, ranging from 15  1/2 to 18 inches at the shoulder, 30-40 pounds, and itsbeau4.gif (57570 bytes) distinct  personality make this hunting retriever so desirable for the house as well as the field. He's a real people dog.

The coat of the Boykin Spaniel  will vary in both color and type. Colors are chocolate and liver. Type ranges from smooth to wavy, extra wavy and curly. Ask which coat is better and you'll receive all kinds of opinions. I think it all boils down to personal  preference. Ask any Boykin owner and they'll tell you their Boykin is the best looking of them all.

The structure of the Boykin can range from lean to stocky but remaining compact. The Boykin's size is one of it's attributes - small enough to fit in your lap, but big enough to bring in a full grown mallard. If you are looking for a dog to break ice to get your ducks in big water then  you had better get yourself a big dog. The Boykin has the heart, and a lot of it, but it's size for that kind of hunting will make it fall short.


Rock'n Creek Webster

The Boykin is relatively easy to train. He enjoys the one  on one contact with people. He catches on quickly when things are kept at a level of fun but gets bored if his lessons turn into drills like that of an army sergeant. He's a natural at quartering and flushing and has been known to point. He's an all-around exceptional retriever and does quite well  on squirrel and rabbit and tracking deer.

As a dog for the family, he rates top of the list. He's friendly and eager to please. Great with children and would probably show a burglar where all your worldly possessions are located. He seldom meets a stranger and would get into anyone's car for he's a dog that likes to go along for the ride.

Once you've had a Boykin  you'll never be without one. He makes  his  home in your heart and captures your  soul with the look in his eyes. He's a dedicated  little hunter and a true family companion. Or,  as we say here at Rock'n Creek Kennel, "Boykin Spaniels for the hearts and homes of hunters."

Photos: Rock'n Creek Beauregard -  by Millie Latimer
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